Chasing time and trend

Heavy and light.

The strength of ocean waves and the weight of a feather.

Yesterday was Harry’s oral defense, learned a lot from the discussions.

Especially in methodology, Harry used step-wise regression but resulted in 32 variables, which was considered by one teacher that it’s too much, whereas another teacher directly proposed machine learning, tree-something and cnn and video analysis to see a person’s face.

And the R square would increase immediately.

Afterwards, teacher came and told us about how it’s important to be the first who goes against the wind. Many technologies, you need to be the first or the leading ones. Becasue that’s how people from the outside world would inspect your work.

Teacher is willing to spend a lot of money to become one of the best labs in doing this.

As I was listening to him and the ambitious for acheiving all this, I felt a sudden drive of excitement, but also needed to stop and think how would this be helpful?

Need also to read a lot of papers and recall my memory of statistics, regression, linear and nonlinear and ANOVA. It always become an obstacle when reading papers.

Other than that I need to think about how can I test my experiments to make it valid. Right now it seems a bit specific. Material wise. Although we are aiming for the fmri, I don’t think it’s simply the answer to everything.n Catch up Whitney, catch up.



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