Life is tough 機會命運

I hate to admit it. I have always remained very positive and believed everything happens in the best possible way. Only until now, things are sort of messed up and the chances of the road taken or not becomes very crucial, as I age and as I need to become more independent of my own bills and future life planning, but still, I kept reminding myself what seems like a disaster and what hurts the most now might be the most valuable things in the future.

But apparently my appeal letter worked out well. It’s a late justice and couldn’t be more late. The whole system is stupid and unfair, there’s a huge value gap between countries and obviously, when we apply to something on a different continent, we need to apply our rules to their rules. It’s not so obvious for them to see however, because something they may value that I have is not valued in my country and therefore they cannot see the values that I hold applies to theirs, so the best way out is to apply to both rules. Which doubles the difficulty, but unfortunately, that’s how it is. If one doesn’t confine to the rules, chances are that you are not to be seen.

What can I learn from this? I should stop being naive and believe the road will straighten itself as I cross the path.

Sometimes I am very naive, because that’s when you become open minded to try and to give yourself the ability to fail as well. Which I think is valuable because that’s when something you want really happens.

But naive come with a cost and a price, and I come to realize naive is for those who have the capital to. Which is more and more so as the income gap is increasing not only within the country but also across different continents and across different countries. And naive is only for those who are rich enough to. I cannot be that do whatever I want anymore. I need to count and need to take up the responsibility. Sad and realistic as it is and as I have never been, I still need to face it.

Life is tough. But you will be stronger after you fight against it and make a difference to benefit others. Keep carry on, hold to your ground.


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