Prof. sharing

Dear May,

Professor came and shared some thoughts with me on time management, and work-life balance.

He mentioned that one could divide one’s time into two dimentions: Importance and Urgency.


Importance always come first. Somethings that are unimportant, you feel sorry for not doing it, but it doesn’t hurt in the end, while some stuff that are important but unimportant will actually be hurtful in the end.

Another point is make the must but unimportant stuff, such as administrative work, overlap with those important stuff, such as academic learning and life career. So that while you are doing those things they don’t eat up your time. But rather gives you some other insights.

But overall, he mentioned family and friends always come first. If one was at the end of his/her life, he/she wouldn’t be writing paper or learning javascript. lol

I find it useful and clever.


Losing track

It’s interesting to see how one easily loses track. I started out strong and became stuck at this point. How I wish I find my motivation and freshness back. Stay strong.

To do list

  1. Learn language, either by myself or by class.
  2. Learn violin or long board or dancing, i.e. pole, 踢他, modern…
  3. Read English books to enhance my English writing and reading
  4. Learn coding.
  5. Read scientific books to find my interest area.