What a year – thanks 2016

What a year it was.

It has been unlucky in all possible ways. It has stroke me hard in all possible aspects. Even towards the end of it. I cannot stop worrying what may pop up.

Being rejected from schools, being told that I am incapable of it, being bashed by IELTS twice, had the most painful wisdom tooth surgery, went back to Europe and…… back. Basically everything that ever mattered didn’t go right.


But it’s worthwhile and taught me hard lessons.

Never predict anything. Nothing is predictable. You only get the ball and throw it. Just do. This will also reduce the useless fear that’s always there.

Rejection is normal. It will be fine. It doesn’t mean you are the only problem but it may also mean you are not humble enough……

Giants are big because they have gone through bad things as such. So don’t worry, but be grateful that these unpleasant things and feelings fell upon you at a relatively young age. Perhaps one day you will thank it.


Let’s count some of the good stuff…… Been brave to speak up for my own feelings, made a bold move, got a driver’s license, learned to do makeup properly, cared for friends, made new friends, re-thought about the possibilities I had in life and could jump out of the loop, found a balance between exercise and life, took things easier (most of the time), became more responsible… Not bad, eh?


Goodbye the 24th to 25th year old me who is down in history now.

You did your round. Now the 25th to 26th will carry on the race and hopefully, hopefully, with the lesson learned, next attempt will be a bit more satisfying.