No proof

There’ll be a day when we don’t need to prove ourselves anymore, when we know what we are capable of.

But before that, it all comes very naturally.

I’ve always felt the need to prove myself. Because others don’t believe.

This rooted from my dad again.

He didn’t trust me in many ways, often before even giving me the chance to try.

That had me become more rebelling.

I felt there was a need to prove myself in whatever I do.

Dad always said that the society is cruel so he felt the need to train me beforehand.

And then I stepped into the society and felt the society norms are bullshit. Made up by ignorant people, so-called politicians and profit-based CEOs who acts as god.

Proving can be necessary at times, but it should not become the motivation.

The motivation should come from within. Otherwise, whatever you can prove will be in vain in the end when no one actually cares, which is often the case in this “society”.

And then what is it that you care?

Sad but true. When you meet them.

True strength comes from within. Comes from your own belief rooted inside yourself.

Because no one would ever know but you. They only see the outcomes but to reach the outcome you need to believe in yourself to step forward one by one.

The outcome is only the by-product. You’ve already created the sense yourself along the way.


Remember this, Whitney.