The sense of self

One of the greatest pieces I’ve encountered recently, speaks deep into my mind. The author himself had an interesting story to tell, it’s very spiritual though.

What Stops You From Being Yourself-The Many Names of Love

There is no one way. We do this deep listening in our own ways. Some of us meditate. Some of us paint, compose, draw, write, read. I go for walks in the park and just watch the seasons changing. It doesn’t matter how. Wherever there is perfect stillness, pure silence, there is also real awareness, and that is where you learn to hear the heart with the spirit.

You can think of yourself this way. If I asked you to list your “self” as three of the many names of love, which would they be? Can you really say? And if you can, How often, how fiercely, how consistently do you live them?


Information Overload and Reflections and everything in between (反思大雜燴)

As I had been trying to write the article about Information Overload, I couldn’t help but think about the career possibilities and the development.

I have always been a sensitive radar in getting the fresh information and making sense out of it. At least among many of my friends. Since University, I realized the importance of keeping the eye on information. If I didn’t keep track and refreshing information every now and then, I have the fear that I would miss something interesting, or miss perhaps the chance in a lifetime. Therefore, I seize possibilities and that had served me well. until I came to the point feeling that I’m making myself prone to information and feel overwhelmed by the fact that they are information from all different sources uncategorized, and does not help my own development. They are interesting to know, but I should filter them in a better way to let them serve me instead of the other way around.

Unnecessary information are flooding, information unrelated to me should also be filtered out. Just like the book: 斷捨離。 Sometimes keeping clean and quiet is more.

Here’s the same thing from another aspect: although I loved to be in connection with people, meeting and exchanging ideas. I find it sometimes, or mostly, inefficient. I enjoy working with people and being more efficient, but that takes some luck.

Conducting qualitative research and working with people can be quick in feedbacks and rewarding but very tiring, I find communicating very time-costing. And despite fun, it’s very complicated. Think I learned from TMUN in University that I decided not to take a career that involves negotiation without a definite answer. Because I never have enough confidence nor a silver-tongue to persuade my good ideas and give up even though I think it’s better, which is not a good feeling. That happened quite some times which always ended up I was right in the first place but yeah.

Working with people comes in all different aspects, the 大橋工舍工作坊  that I just recently attended required good and sensitive observation which is one of my specialties, as well as some teamwork to create prototype; the TMUN on the other hand required tough eloquent abilities and somewhat aggressive approach to persuade delegates sometimes even with a conflicting interest which makes it even more challenging. Another one I could think of is theatre work, which requires more collaboration and close teamwork to cover each other, which is the type I enjoy the best. Because there’s not much conflicting phenomena; the department magazine and the big event, I believe called something like H-_-A-_-R was led with a dreadful leadership. And so I dropped out soon… So as I have tried many times, it had led me to this position that I think it takes too much risk.

Conducting quantitative data can be ice cold and robotic, if the numbers don’t present something meaningful to you. I experienced that from the business aspect. Those numbers were nothing but people’s maybe random thoughts on products and services. So what? I thought. I don’t really care… Not to even mention the whole lot of work surrounding those questionnaires. Like a very small needle on an ugly piece of fabric.

Data visualization is another thing I really enjoy. It’s very skillful so I have planned to learn a few coding. But the heart of data viz is the ability to read data and make it into a piece of message to tell readers with the proper numbers laid aside. The key, therefore is not the skill. It is the domain knowledge of what is being analyzed.

To be able to focus and dig in, I have found, is one of the biggest source of satisfaction recently. Including the hard times studying, including the tough times running solely in the dark park. Meeting people only once in a while suits me better, and less dependent.

Therefore, although I’m deeply attracted to people, infos, culture and creativity matters. I have decided to leave it in the interest area by now. And I hope that’s a good way to go.