How much do you actually listen?

It’s eleven past two am. Millions of papers about their life in Europe or elsewhere are raging on Facebook.

I was once one of them. While I lived the so-called European life style. Time seemed to be always too much except for articles. I experienced things I would have otherwise never been able to were I not there.

Everything. Seemed possible.

With my fullest heart and emotional feelings upon all the wonders I came across, I couldn’t wait for one moment to express that moment that took my breath away. So I took a pen and recorded it. Every stroke of color, every word said, every tense emotions I wrote and wrote. As if I could capture that moment in my life forever, neatly sealed into my words. And I would also have it written and shared to people who don’t get to see what I saw and don’t get to feel the positive and happiness feeling I’ve felt.

Inspire. I like to inspire people. Igniting and changing their one little thought makes me enormously happy. My hometown, is perhaps not a very inspiring place. But I wanted them to see, what they wish could happen is possible! It’s literally possible and I am witness. I wanted it to sound as nice and as wonderful as it is.

And I am so happy when people talk about it.

Fastforward to today. I am at my desk just came home from late night working. I have no intention to see what the “possible” lives are. I am too busy and stuck in here. As I watched out from the rainy car window, I thought to myself, so now I am doing data visualization. I feel a little bit happier. But how is this different from statistics, different from diplomacy, different from who I were before? Is this all I want to do?

I feel positive about the direction I am taking, but how can I break through?