1. 當一個實踐者

2. 具體化再具體化那些夢

3. Organize. Prioritize.

4. 著手做「喜歡」做的事,「想做的事」而不要怕浪費時間

5. 轉換負向的心態,不要被心情給蒙蔽了眼前的事實

6. 把自己縮小再縮小,我們都只想相信自己想信的,把自己挖空一點、像嬰兒一樣的客觀才看到的事實、自己的盲點

7. Do what is right and important. 我們的渺小,甚至夢比我們偉大,we are just here to make it happen and be a deliver of good things to the world.

8. 讓每一天都像是清新的第一天,未來就是靠著這一天一天走過去的。Make it count.


That one dream you never did

Do you also have that one dream, that you said you would do and achieve when everything is settled down? Do you also have that one book, that you said you would start reading when you eventually had the time to? Do you happen to have that painting that you said you would draw when you’ve had the money? And do you have that novel in mind that you said you would start writing when you’ve got the job?

Well, I do. And it’s been stuck there for years. Guess what? I have never done any of them. Even if I had the time and the mood.

I always set too much expectation to each thing and forget about it’s just a choice a hands on decision to start any of them. Just like exercising if you don’t have the time, “make time!” Nothing would ever be ready. Life is ongoing, life is rapidly changing, nothing is the end point of anything. you won’t be able to hand out anything by the time comes and a star spotter comes searching for that one talented artist or novelist or book critics, or even if it’s just an interesting person you wish you had known as a close friend. But, no, none of this would have ever happened. Because you didn’t drag yourself to start any of these.

How do you say to others, “I am interested in it” without a shaky voice?

People do their work with full attention, with full concentration, and full dedication. That’s how you admire the Pulitzer prize, that’s how you admire that Nobel prize winner. You didn’t see their dedication and full strength in putting their everything to it.

Everyone has potential in doing something they are really good at, all we have to do is bypass the trivial excuses about the stresses in life and try to really value and prioritize your time for those that are worth it. More worthy than the whole afternoon wandering about on social medias.

-To myself