Ongoing stress and pressure


As much as I feel thankful for the 2014 me, who dared herself to start doing things that felt uncomfortable and pushed through. The stress and pressure as well as the fear of failing was an inseparable byproduct that came with challenges and success.

Went for a 4 mile run this morning and every step was extremely harsh towards the end of the run due to little practice over the past two months as I had been busily preparing for the examination.
And I thought, how harsh is the human civilization process? Every challenge and every failure. I studied, but needed more strength to keep me focused for a long time. Therefore I exercise to be stronger so that I could deal with more stress and more challenges.

It was no longer like college where you could completely relax after a midterm or final, the stress and pressure is ongoing, it never ends, so you have to cope with it, live with it, to be better and better.

I could have a rather relaxed and comfortable life, but past experience had told me it would not satisfy me, and the feeling of emptiness is daunting … I guess this is happening in a good way, but I do have to grow stronger and stronger towards all challenges, because one day it will be much easier than today, that is when I can go after my real dreams, that is when I would have the ability to take care of all the people I love.

Because one day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.